Philosophy professors from local colleges and universities have been gracious and generous enough to speak without compensation. And, while we also plan on filling gaps with the occasional well-prepared lay-speaker, our goal is to focus on filling the calendar with academics. It is important to note that the forum is unlike most local philosophy groups which allow lay-people with an interest in philosophy to talk or debate. If you are a member of one of these groups, you may also like this format, for a change. These lectures differ in that they present one person's original thinking in academic philosophy; and in most cases current thinking on a diverse selection of topics, from Pre-Socratics to modern Analytical philosophy... and beyond.

CAN I BRING MY OWN SNACKS, OR MY DINNER? -- Yes, eating is allowed. And thoughtful volunteers make snacks and coffe available, but most people don't eat during the lecture.  We originally met at a restaurant and tried to have food service over by 7:15 so, arriving earlier if you're going to eat - so you can get a table - would be advised.

CAN I ASK QUESTIONS? -- Yes! And by that I don't mean statements disguised as questions to showcase your expertise. After the lectures, the presenter usually does about twenty minutes of Q&A.

WHO GOES TO THIS? -- Anyone interested in philosophy is welcome. The crowd is moderately diverse, background-wise. We've been fortunate to have everyone from middle-school students to tenured philosophy faculty show up. No training or understanding of academic philosophy is necessary to feel welcome. Just an open mind...

(And for you Diana, the ratio of men to women seems to be about 60/40 biased toward men, but with women's attendance steadily gaining.)

WHEN DOES THIS START/END? -- Some people arrive at 6pm to socialize, but the lecture starts as close to 6:30 as reason (and circumstance, e.g., traffic) allows. And, we try to finish just before 8pm, (but usually unsuccessfully, as the audience is still well-engaged by this time). We really usually end at about 8:10, but you're welcome to leave at 7:50 and it won't upset the flow of things. Library announcements and power outages just add to the fun near the end of the Q&A...

Please email andrew[at]sdphil.org with any questions.